Corporate Responsibility

We continually review and explore ways to ensure that our business operates in a responsible manner across our key focus areas of:

  • Health and Safety — ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff
  • Environment — managing our environmental impact areas of waste, energy and water
  • Employees — supporting our people to develop and flourish within the business
  • Community — positive interaction with the communities in which we operate
  • Ethical Standards —operating to the highest ethical standards

We remain committed to ensuring these activities become embedded in how we operate and contribute towards the success of our business.


We hold regular meetings of our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee, chaired by non-executive director Ian Nicholson. These meetings are attended by senior leaders from across the Group, with the aim to review current performance, and challenge the business in meeting future targets and objectives in each of the above key focus areas.

Summary of our Key Achievements

Targets – FY2016Performance
vs. Target
  • Integrate and align Aesica CR activities with the Group
Health and Safety
  • No more than seven lost time accidents across Bespak and Aesica
  • Reduce Bespak's energy consumption by 14.5% against the FY2011 baseline
  • Review opportunities to reduce Aesica's energy consumption, establishing a reduction target
  • Divert 97% or more of Bespak's waste from landfill/incineration against the FY2011 baseline
  • Review opportunities to divert Aesica's waste from landfill, establishing a reduction target
  • Reduce Bespak's water consumption by 37% or more against the FY2011 baseline
  • Continue to monitor employee satisfaction through regular surveys
  • Bespak employee training days target of 3,000 days
  • Establish employee training days target for Aesica
  • Increase the number of Bespak apprentices to 16
  • Increase the number of Aesica apprentices to 16
  • Continuation of Management Development Programme (Bespak and Aesica)
  • Continue Bespak's Sixth Form work experience programme
  • Continue Bespak's involvement and sponsorship of Grand East Anglia Run
  • Aesica to offer two placements on graduate scheme
  • Continue with Consort Medical's Charity of the Year, donating £30,000
Ethical Standards
  • Continue to focus on embedding the Group Values to make these a way of life

Stakeholder Engagement

We continue to enhance our performance through active engagement with our key stakeholders. This includes working with our employees to integrate responsible business practices into everyday business activity, encouraging innovative solutions and a shared ownership of this agenda. We also extend this engagement out to our customers, suppliers and communities to ensure we maintain a two-way dialogue which feeds back into building a sustainable future for our business.

Our Performance

We see year-on-year progress in the way we manage our key responsibilities and have moved our focus from the low hanging fruit to the more complex challenges of running a responsible business. This has been supported by an appropriate level of governance and number of challenging targets which are reported at each of our CR Committee meetings. A summary of performance against each of our focus areas is highlighted below.

Health and Safety

The safety and well-being of our staff and all visitors to our facilities remains a priority for everyone within the business. We continue to focus on all aspects of health and safety, with a special emphasis on those areas with the potential to cause serious harm.

The number of RIDDORs (Reportable Incident leading to seven day Lost Time Accident) reported across the Group totalled nine, against a target of seven.

Whilst it is regrettable that any employee suffers an injury at work, we endeavour to create a safe working environment for all our personnel. Our commitment to near miss reporting, hazard evaluation, risk assessment and control will remain a key feature of our improvement programmes across both Aesica and Bespak in FY2017 and beyond.

Activity to provide for a safe working environment at both Aesica and Bespak facilities has been highlighted below:


Bespak has implemented an improved accident investigation process which provides a more structured root cause analysis of accidents. The benefits of this improved process have seen an extended collaboration in accident investigations resulting in corrective and improvement actions being implemented in areas beyond only those where the accident occurred. Accident trending has not identified any specific process related trends; however many are preventable and therefore have pointed towards being behavioural related. To validate this theory, Bespak has undertaken its first Behavioural Safety Culture Survey with the aim of using the feedback to shape the safety objectives for the organisation for FY2017 and beyond.

In parallel, the prevention system of "near miss" reporting continues to show a positive increase in proactive reporting of potential hazards that could cause harm. This continued success can be attributed to management and EHS team walks, tiered accountability and active resolution of issues.

Bespak "Near Miss" Reporting

avg pcm61115162243

Significant focus this year has been given to processes which Bespak considers to be the highest risk to safety. This risk assessed approach includes construction programmes as well as manufacturing activities with particular reference to age, complexity and non-standard nature of operations.


Beyond the daily management of upholding high standards of safety management Aesica has focused activity on Environment, Health and Safety messaging and in January 2016 launched a communications campaign — "EHS, it's as easy as ABC". The aim of the campaign is to provide employees with a clear reminder of the often complex manufacturing environments within which they work, focusing on:

  • Awareness: identifying hazards, leading to elimination or setting controls and ongoing checking
  • Behaviour: everyone taking personal responsibility for their own behaviour and
  • Commitment: becoming committed and passionate about doing EHS well

Like Bespak, Aesica has significantly increased the focus on near miss reporting across all sites with improved visibility of issues which could cause an injury or incident, with appropriate actions being taken to prevent or control the hazardous situations identified.

Aesica activities planned for FY2017 include further improvement to the near miss reporting rates. Employees will be encouraged to participate through initiatives such as "that's not right!" a near miss recording booklet and a "Take five" on the job risk assessment booklet.


Activity to reduce our environmental impact across the Group is focused on environmental management, energy reduction, minimisation of waste, diversion of waste from landfill and water conservation. The Environmental Management System ISO14001 enables effective management of these impacts with all Bespak sites and Aesica's two UK manufacturing sites and Pianezza, Italy certified to this Standard.

For the first year we have set combined Group targets for energy and waste reduction, whilst also resetting the baseline year to FY2016. This creates the necessary accountability at Group level and benchmarks performance against more recent baseline data.


Both Bespak and Aesica met the requirements of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) by submitting energy data and completing site based audits to identify potential energy saving opportunities before the Government's deadline of 5 December 2015. This helped to reconfirm opportunities to reduce energy consumption and support the range of activities highlighted below.


Bespak's energy consumption as measured in KWh/£000 sales has decreased from 403 reported in FY2015 to 383 in FY2016. This represents a decrease of 13.0% against the FY2011 baseline falling below the previous year's target of 14.5% owing to phasing of start-up and new expansion projects.

Energy Consumption KWh/£K (including facilities in construction)

Specific energy reduction activities have continued through FY16 as follows:

  • Improvements to existing Building Management Systems including advanced control strategies and retrofit to inverters
  • Replacement of inefficient transformers
  • Improved compressed air management
  • Replacement and optimisation of steam generation and distribution at the Nelson facility and
  • Improved factory heating at the Nelson facility

These activities will be completed and monitored over the course of FY2017 in order to identify future opportunities.

The chart illustrates Bespak's performance in reducing energy consumption from the FY2011.


Aesica has collected more robust performance data across the year and therefore has now been able to contribute towards a Group target of 4% reduction for FY2017 against a FY2016 baseline. This target will help to focus efforts on energy reduction projects and provide a reporting mechanism for review throughout the period. Current activity around energy reduction includes:

  • Changes to the Queenborough site's High Capacity Manufacturing Facility steam generation process, leading to a 20% reduction in gas consumption and
  • Commencement of work on the Estover Biomass plant with the intention to supply steam and electricity to the Cramlington site

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As required under the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors' Reports) Regulations 2013, the table below shows the greenhouse gas emissions from all sources over which we have operational control. Emissions outside of our responsibility, including shared office locations, have not been included.

To incorporate the FY2015 acquisition of Aesica we have recalculated our base year to include the full FY2015 year emissions from Bespak and Aesica's UK, Italian and German sites.

Change in Emissions — The scope and methodology is based on the GHG Protocol Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard (revised edition). Data has been sourced from Company records, contractors' reports and supplier invoices. The emissions factors for all sources are taken from DEFRA's GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting 2016.

Emissions from:Tonnes of CO2e —
Tonnes of CO2e —
Scope 1
Combustion of fuel15,759.217,468.1
Operation of facilities5,328.56,971.6
Scope 2
Import of electricity and other energy sources39,566.839,528.6
Total emissions60,654.563,968.3
Intensity ratio
Per £000 sales0.190.23
Per number of employees27.529.2

* The base year data has been recalculated to reflect improved data verification processes


The Group has set a combined target of increasing the quantity of waste diverted from landfill/ incineration to 97.5% against a FY2016 baseline.


Waste Diverted from Landfill/Incineration %

Bespak continues to increase the quantity of waste diverted from landfill/incineration, and from the FY2011 baseline has increased the diverted amount to more than 97% of total waste generated, which meets the previous year's target and shows ongoing progress from the prior year (where the diverted amount was 95.7%). The business continues to focus efforts on waste segregation at source and waste minimisation activities delivered through a number of quality management initiatives. Initiatives at the King's Lynn site, in conjunction with the business's waste management company Veolia, have resulted in achieving almost zero to landfill at the end of FY2016. This has been achieved by all non-hazardous waste being recovered in the form of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Opportunities are being explored to divert hazardous waste to energy reclaiming incineration. It should, however, be acknowledged that the potential to improve this measure significantly in future is limited which is reflected in the target for FY2017.

The chart above illustrates Bespak's waste management performance. The bar chart illustrates the increase in the reuse/recycling of the waste generated at Bespak since FY2011.


Aesica has made significant progress during the year in diverting waste from landfill. This has in large been achieved across the plant, processes and cleaning activities. Focus will remain strong on avoidance of waste, recycling, segregation and optimising the disposal routes for the complex waste streams that arise across the business.



Bespak's water reduction opportunities are most significant at the Nelson site, which accounts for more than 90% of all water consumed. Improved performance at the Nelson site has been achieved through process improvements in anodisation.

Water Consumption cu. M/£k

In addition, significant savings have been achieved at the King's Lynn site through the course of the year from upgrades and optimisation of plant associated with the ethanol extraction process used in the manufacture of MDI valves.

Since initiating a programme of water reduction in FY2012, Bespak has exceeded the 37% reduction target set for FY2016 in terms of cubic metres per £'000 sales vs. the FY2011 baseline. The chart illustrates performance in water consumption reduction from the FY2011 baseline.


Aesica continues to explore opportunities to reduce water consumption. During FY2016, there has been a focus on daily use checks to identify consumption issues and on repairs to services where these have been identified. Aesica has adopted a stand-alone target of 5% reduction against a FY2016 baseline. This will be achieved by more detailed water use mapping, identifying and delivering a range of improvement opportunities.


The Group remains focused on supporting and developing people through training and development, communications and two-way engagement channels.

Training and Development

Bespak has delivered a total of 4,458 training days during the year, equating to seven days per employee and exceeding the target of 3,000 days. This training includes: project management; forklift training; pharmaceutical legislation update; root cause analysis; introduction to our values; personal resilience; absence management; equality, diversity and inclusion; how to audit data Integrity; pharmaceutical auditing; fundamentals of injection moulding.

Aesica currently captures "external" training days, and for the year this equated to 821 days which is equivalent to 1.3 days per employee. The aim for FY2017 is to increase the number of external training days per site by 10%.

Bespak Management Development Programme

This programme provides line managers with the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver the business strategy, goals and objectives and manage their teams. Seventy-one line managers have commenced the programme since September 2014, with the first group of 24 completing the programme in December 2015. The qualification ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management has been offered to all employees completing the Management Development Programme. Twenty-two of the overall participants decided to complete the qualification, with the first seven achieving the qualification in January 2016. Bespak will continue to deliver the programme to new starters with direct reports.

The Aesica Academy

The Aesica Academy is an internal employee development programme that teaches individuals about each of the functional areas of the business and how they interlink. Every year employees can apply to participate in the nine-month programme and this is open to all disciplines and levels. There are 28 employees undertaking the 2015 programme which is due to be completed in July 2016. The content of the programme is reviewed and refreshed on an annual basis and the 2016 scheme will be launched in the autumn.

Behavioural Skills Matrix

Bespak's Human Resources team have been working across the business to define the behavioural and management skills required by managers to successfully deliver the business strategy and ensure the business becomes a Values led organisation. This has resulted in the completion of a Bespak Behavioural Skills Matrix which will now be used to define Bespak's Learning and Development Strategy and contents for programmes and workshops.


In September 2015, Bespak launched a mentoring programme to share knowledge and experiences to support the growth of individuals across the business. Nine mentoring relationships have been supported for a period of six months, with eight mentees working at various levels of seniority across Bespak; and one further mentee working in Aesica.

An Aesica mentoring programme was subsequently launched in March 2016 and will be piloted by 11 mentors and mentees. The scheme will run for a period of 6 to 12 months and Aesica is dedicated to continuously supporting this scheme moving forward.

Apprenticeship Scheme

Currently Bespak has 18 apprentices on the Apprenticeship Training Programme, which exceeds the target of 16 which was set at the beginning of the financial year. Three new apprentices have joined the programme since August 2015, in the areas of engineering technical support, quality control and business administration. The Apprenticeship Qualification is also offered as an internal development programme, with nine individuals provided with the opportunity to grow their skills and knowledge further. This has effectively increased the overall number of apprentices at Bespak to 27.

During the year, Bespak has received recognition from Cambridge Regional College for its outstanding commitment to Apprentices, including the standard of apprentices and the mentoring support given throughout the training programme.

Aesica currently has 11 apprentices on an Apprenticeship Training Programme, representing an increase of two from the previous year and predominantly within the areas of engineering and the laboratory. We did not meet the target of 16 but we are pleased with the progress made. We are continuing to review and improve our apprenticeship programme within the UK, the aim of which is to provide a scheme which is best in class.

Staff Engagement

All Consort Medical Group staff participate in a regular employee survey undertaken every three years. This took place in May 2016. The results are being compiled and collated and the intent is to share the results and then host focus groups across departments locally to follow up on the key themes of feedback. The aim is to continuously improve in every aspect of our operations, not least in terms of the way we engage with our staff, so this is a particularly important project across the Group as a whole.

Bespak Staff Celebration

In July 2015, Bespak hosted a staff celebration event at North Wootton Rugby Club in King's Lynn. This was an opportunity to say thank you to everyone for their hard work and commitment to the business and it was also a chance for staff to celebrate recent successes, alongside their families. Approximately 200 colleagues attended along with their partners and children (nearly 450 in total on the day) with everyone enjoying the day's entertainment.

A raffle was held at the event, which raised £1,000 for Bespak's FY2016 charity of the year, Nelson's Journey.

Bespak plans to follow up on its 2015 Staff Celebration event with a further staff event in 2016.

Harry Blackmur

Current Role: 
Engineering Technical Support Apprentice, Apprenticeship Programme
Engineering Technical Support
Start Date:
Aug 2012
Completion Date:
Aug 2016

Year 4 — I am thoroughly enjoying my apprenticeship; it is everything I expected and more!

I started my apprenticeship in August 2012 with Bespak after completing a year of sixth form and gaining my AS levels. I decided to leave sixth form after realising that completing an apprenticeship had many more advantages. In year one I was given the opportunity to develop my skills at a specialist engineering training provider called EAGIT.

During my time at EAGIT I developed practical skills in a number of engineering disciplines. I also attended Norwich City College one day a week to learn the theory side of engineering.

Upon returning to Bespak in my second year I was given the opportunity to broaden my understanding of Bespak and its manufacturing methods through short allocations in each manufacturing area. Once a basic understanding of Bespak was achieved I was then placed in longer allocations more specific to my end role, this included time in Manufacturing Systems, Market Product Support, Product Development and Moulding & Metrology. During my time in these allocations I was placed with a mentor who I would work alongside to gain an understanding of the work they complete.

Once I had completed the rounds of all the engineering based allocations I was then asked to advise on which areas I enjoyed the most and where I would most like to work should a full time role became available. The outcome of this discussion was for me to specialise in the Moulding department which is where I currently reside. As a part of the moulding team I am currently working on the Prometheus project where I am working on the installations and validations of the moulding machines and the associated ancillary equipment.

I am coming to the end of my apprenticeship where I am hoping to be offered a permanent role within the Moulding team. Although I had doubts during my time at Bespak whether this was the right route for me to take, I am now completely happy with the route I took and would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.

Human Rights

We are committed to supporting human rights through our compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries that we operate in and through our internal policies. Our Code of Business Ethics and associated policies require respect and equal and fair treatment of all persons we come into contact with.

Corporate Values

Corporate values

Our Group Values are:

Customer Focus:

Strive to exceed the expectations of your internal and external customers

Results Driven:

Maximise your performance through drive and determination


Work together to achieve a shared objective


Treat people as you expect to be treated


Be clear and consistent in your actions

FY2016 has seen real progress with embedding the values Group-wide. Workshops have been refreshed and run across the business and the Executive Committee held a session on their importance to the culture of the business with progress now being reported bi-annually to senior management. Employees are measured on how they live the values through their performance reviews and 360 feedback is being introduced at a leadership level to provide objective feedback on employees behaviour relating to our core values. Aesica is appointing Values champions to make them meaningful for their departments and Bespak has Values Boards across its sites, highlighting employees who have excelled on one or more of the values. At a recent Bespak staff event, a guest speaker was invited to talk to the importance of values at the highest level of sport and Aesica based the theme for its recent leadership event on these core values.

The intent is to build a culture underpinned by these values where employees know what behaviour is expected of them and their leaders and this becomes the norm. The employee survey will give us feedback as to how we are performing in this area and the Company has committed to respond accordingly.

Employee Diversity

We are committed to actively encouraging a more inclusive and diverse workforce and look for opportunities to embed this where appropriate. We hire on merit but when recruiting externally we aim to include a female candidate on shortlists. The female representation on the Board and across the Group as at the year end is shown here:

FemaleMaleTotalFemale %Male %


We are committed to supporting the patient population we serve and the communities in which we operate. Both local and national charities are considered important stakeholders for our business and we continue to discuss how we direct our support to make the biggest difference.

Grand East Anglia Run

Bespak has supported the annual Grand East Anglia Run (GEAR) for eleven years running, with the event receiving the Bill Reynold Award for ongoing organisational improvements. Both direct sponsorship support and participation of our people in a three-month pre-race training programme help build our reputation and brand within the local community, whilst also supporting our own employee well-being programme. Bespak sponsors 150 school places in the Junior GEAR, a 1km run, as well as cash awards and prizes for schools with the highest number of entrants. Bespak aims to promote participation in sports and exercise at an early age so as to encourage healthy lifestyles and well-being.

Schools, Colleges and Universities

Both Bespak and Aesica have active engagement programmes with local schools, colleges and universities. This helps to attract top talent and raise the profile of our business within the graduate labour market.

Bespak continues to offer work experience placements for schools, colleges and university students, offering two placements in FY2016. We plan to increase this offering for FY2017.

Bespak has also offered a total of 21 days to support a number of careers events, including sponsorship of the Rotary Technology Tournament which includes 21 teams from local schools participating in a number of technology focused challenges.

Aesica has appointed three industrial placement students throughout FY2016 working within Human Resources, Chemical Development and Marketing. A total of four graduates have been recruited at the Queenborough site within our Analytical and Quality departments.

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Graduate — I have found the graduate role very rewarding

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Following completion of my studies at the University of Huddersfield where I studied Chemistry (MChem), I applied for my first graduate position at the Queenborough site after my graduation in July 2015.

I was delighted to be offered a graduate Analytical Scientist position working within the Analytical Development Group. Within the first seven months of my employment, I have had the opportunity to work within a number of different departments to gain as much experience as possible and to broaden my knowledge. I have performed a variety of tasks and analytical methods which has been of great interest. I have also been given the opportunity to work within other departments such as Technical Services and Packaging. The role so far has been very rewarding as it complements my skills and interests.

Clear objectives have been set for me to work towards as I strive to become a dependable member of the team. There are many learning and development opportunities available to me which will help form a career path within Aesica.

Charitable Support

Consort Medical's charities policy aims to promote education and opportunity and encourage the involvement of employees in community and charitable activities and organisations. Consort Medical has supported the National Autistic Society (Hertfordshire branch) which supports people with autism throughout their lives, during the year with a donation of £30,000. Gaddesden Place Riding for the Disabled, a charity based in Hertfordshire has been selected as the corporate charity for the forthcoming year with a donation of £30,000.

Bespak's Charity Steering Group continues to raise the profile of fundraising events within the business, supporting numerous charities and employee sponsorship activities including: Macmillan, West Norfolk Carers and Wear it Pink for Breast Cancer.

Bespak's chosen charity, Nelson's Journey, has benefited from funding and employee involvement during the year. The total amount raised for this charity through donation and internal fundraising for FY2016 is £11,465.

A total of £29,541 has been given to a number of charities over the course of this year through either direct donations or internal fundraising. Aside from Nelson's Journey, EACH, West Norfolk Carers, local scout/guide, schools and national charities such as Macmillan have also benefited.

Bespak's Charity of the Year for FY2017 is Friends of the Stroke Unit, founded in 2005 by Mr Paul Brandon, with the aim of improving facilities on the West Raynham Ward, Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn for the benefit of patients, their families and staff.

Over the years, the charity has made many resources available to the ward and ongoing fundraising provides a continuing improvement to the ward's facilities for patients and staff.

Stroke is often a devastating event and has no consideration for age, gender or ethnic origin. With this in mind the committee are dedicated to establishing a transient ischemic attack (TIA) Clinic on West Raynham Ward aimed at helping patients to act and prevent a major stroke from occurring.

Each Aesica site has established or is in the process of establishing a charity committee to select a site based charity for FY2017. As part of this process, each site will have a dedicated charity budget and a number of employee "off site" days have been agreed to allow employees to be involved in supporting the chosen site charity during working hours.

Glebe School Visit

Glebe School

As part of Bespak's continued support of local schools, Bespak employees hosted a group of very eager 12 and 13 year old students from Glebe House School in Hunstanton as part of their introduction to the world of work. Following a brief talk on how pharmaceutical drugs are administered and what role Bespak plays in this, as well as a very lively Q&A session, the students then experimented creating their own spray plume geometries using our valve and actuators.

Ethical Standards

We emphasise the importance of operating a business in both a responsible and ethical manner. Bespak and Aesica have set appropriate standards and policies to uphold all laws relevant to prevention of bribery and corruption in all jurisdictions in which we operate. The Group has in place policies and procedures covering Anti-Corruption and Bribery; Gifts and Hospitality; Business Ethics and Whistleblowing.

During the year, each of the Bespak and Aesica Operating Boards received refresher training on Anti-Corruption and Bribery with all relevant employees receiving Anti-Corruption and Bribery training as part of the induction process.

Bespak has finalised a supplier code of ethical standards and has rolled this out to suppliers through the Supply Chain Team. New suppliers are also being incorporated into the codes of conduct for "Ethical, Health, Safety and Environmental" standards through the tendering process.

Living Wage

The Group introduced the National Living Wage for all of its UK employees on 1 April 2016.

Our Goals for FY2017

Health and SafetyEnvironmentEmployeesCommunityEthical Standards
  • No more than 7 RIDDORs across the Group
  • Reduce energy consumption across the Group by 4% against the FY2016 baseline
  • Divert 97.5% of the Group's waste from landfill/incineration against the FY2016 baseline
  • Reduce Bespak water consumption by 42% against the FY2011 baseline
  • Reduce Aesica's Water consumption by 5% against the FY2016 baseline
  • Continue to monitor employee satisfaction across the Group through regular surveys
  • Continue to recruit and develop Apprentices across the Group. The number of Apprentices to be recruited is targeted at 12
  • Ensure mentoring is embedded Group-wide and employees at all levels have an opportunity to benefit from the scheme
  • Remain focused on building a values based culture
  • Increase our work experience programme with students and look to secure an internship supporting the National Autistic Society
  • Support the local communities where our sites are based through charity work, education visits and careers fairs
  • Continue to support designated charities through donations and employee contribution days
  • Establish an external Whistleblowing hotline service
  • Expand the Supplier Code of Conduct more widely across the Group