6. Special items

To improve the understanding of the Group's financial performance, items which do not reflect the underlying performance are:

Continuing operations
Integration costs(6,534)(1,876)
Advisory and acquisition costs(1,344)(5,382)
Other acquisition-related items(2,848)
Amortisation of acquisition-related intangibles(13,140)(6,785)
Accelerated amortisation of upfront arrangement fees(288)
Special items before taxation(21,018)(17,179)
Special tax item — prior year Patent Box credit1,312
Special tax item — recognition of capital losses1,078
Special tax item — recognition of capital allowances955
Special tax item — other prior year and lookback period adjustments534
Special tax item — deferred tax credit as a result of the UK Corporate rate change1,137
Tax on special items5,2042,707
Special items after taxation from continuing operations(12,110)(13,160)
  • Integration costs are in relation to restructuring activity following the completion of the integration programme at Aesica; mainly employee and property or move related in nature.
  • Advisory and acquisition costs include advisory costs in respect of the closure of the Bespak pension scheme and in evaluation of potential transactions. In the prior year to 30 April 2015, these are primarily the fees associated with the acquisition of Aesica other than those related to the equity raised and the new debt funding arrangement.
  • Other acquisition-related items in the prior year include the unwinding of the uplift in the book value of inventory held by Aesica on acquisition, as required by accounting standards.
  • Amortisation of acquisition-related intangible assets represents the charge for other intangible assets within Aesica (acquired in 2014) of £12.3m and £0.8m in relation to The Medical House acquired in 2009.
  • A special tax item of £1.3m arose in the prior year in respect of the recognition of Patent Box benefits relating to the year, ended 30 April 2014.
  • A special tax item of £1.1m has been recognised in the current period as a result of the recognition of deferred tax on capital losses which are available for offset against deferred tax liabilities arising from the upward revaluation of land.
  • A special tax item of £1.0m was recognised in the year as a capital allowance review which was carried out in the year which resulted in assets being reclassified from non-qualifying to qualifying.
  • A special tax item of £0.5m was recognised in the year as the impact of a number of prior year adjustments made.
  •  A special tax item of £1.1m also arises in the current period in respect of a significant tax credit as the Group's deferred tax assets and liabilities were recalculated using the lower rate of UK Corporate Tax of 19% from 1 April 2017 and 18% from 1 April 2020 (reduced from 20%).

Special items from discontinued operations are described in note 29.