Our Business Model

The combination of Bespak and Aesica allows the Group to provide a broad, clear and integrated drug/device service offering to pharmaceutical customers.

Bespak Division

Bespak's business model is built to support two principal goals:

  1. Helping our customers succeed in commercialising their own designs of drug delivery devices; and
  2. Developing proprietary designs of drug delivery devices for sale to blue-chip pharmaceutical and Life Sciences customers.

To this aim, Bespak has and will, continue its diversification of the drug delivery segments in which it operates, as well as increasing its share of the value-added content in the supply chain.

To date, Bespak has evolved the range of drug delivery opportunities from its origins in the respiratory segment to that of injectables, nasal, ocular and POC diagnostics. Bespak has also further enhanced its share of the value added in the supply chain beyond that of product design, development, industrialisation and commercial manufacturing operations, and into the handling of drugs for the purposes of clinical trials and commercial market release on behalf of its customers.

Bespak has developed significant core capabilities, competencies and processes developed through strategic investments in skills, technologies and infrastructure that provide for the best long-term growth and profitability prospects based on the value they deliver to our customers, whether based on either customer-owned or Bespak-owned Intellectual Property.

Finished Dose

Aesica Division

Aesica's business model has, historically, been built on four key pillars:

  1. Strategic partners;
  2. Geography;
  3. Technology; and
  4. Organic growth.

Aesica considers strategic partners to be those where there is potential to create significant revenues across the Aesica network. As the industry is shifting towards supply chain consolidation, Aesica focuses on the retention and formation of strong partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies, generics companies and regional players through new business development and key account management.

Aesica's goal is to broaden its technology offering through both acquisition and innovation and, in 2012, the Aesica Innovation Board was established to identify and commercialise technologies. Aesica's intention is to continue to achieve organic growth by building on Aesica's foundations of new business development, key account management, project management and continuous improvement.


Both Aesica and Bespak are pharmaceutical services businesses with virtually identical target customer bases. Whilst the divisions have several customers in common, currently, a number are exclusive to either Aesica or Bespak. The combination of two such complementary pharmaceutical services providers allows the Group to provide a significantly broader, deeper and more integrated drug/device contract manufacturing and supply chain solution to its customers.

As well as driving the individual Aesica and Bespak divisions, as a larger pharmaceutical services company, the Group's business model is to offer existing and prospective new customers a single source supply chain solution for drug and delivery device development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging. Optimising drug and device services in a single group streamlines and accelerates the route of drugs to market and reduces the cost and complexity of drug/device development for the Group's pharmaceutical partners.

Consort Medical's Core Capabilities

With both divisions operating in highly regulated environments where quality and reliable manufacturing are paramount, there is a significant alignment of Bespak and Aesica's respective skills and competencies.

Significant Alignment of Core Competencies between Aesica and Bespak

Business Model Diagram